15 June 2006

MoCCA Art Festival 2006

Welcome, my readers, to the MoCCA Art Festival

This past weekend I attended the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) Art Festival. I had a great time chatting with creators and spending lots of money on comics, zines, and some original artwork. I could have easily spent several hundred dollars, but I only brought about one-hundred dollars with me, so I had to be selective.

Had I known how much aural and visual bacchanalia there was to take in, I would have gone both days. There were three large rooms filled with so much talent, books, stickers, pins, patches, posters, prints and other great things. I managed to establish myself as a minion of Bill Roundy almost immediately (an honor bestowed not just on anyone). Next year I will be more prepared.

In attendance were many indie greats and many up and comers: Evan Dorkin, Andy MacDonald, Dean Haspiel, Jim Salicrup, Abby Denson, Ivan Brandon, Fly, the infamous Bill Roundy, and many more.

Mark! had given me a preview copy of MK Reed's Catfight, saying the art isn't great, but the writing is terrific, so I had to hunt down Reed and her book.

Some reviews of the wares I bought will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, photos!


Not pictured
  • Candy Corn Pants
  • The Devil's T Table - Eric K Siano
  • Good-Bye - Justin Fox
There are probably a few more, but my piles of comics have g otten all mixed up, so I can no longer accurately sort out the piles into when I bought stuff. There are comics that I disliked that have long since been passed on, and as I did not care for them, their names are long gone.

The Prints and Pauper

I have a whole story revolving around searching the show during the last hours for Jeff Sharp's table, because I had seen these "Protect Your Eyes" prints earlier, but could not remember who made them or where on the show floor this guy was located. With only three rooms, I could find him easily. Right...?

My memory had been that these prints had been huge, like poster size, and I went around asking other exhibitors if they recalled seeing them. Describing a print with some interesting looking guy wearing protective goggles, no one knew what I was talking about.

On my way to meet Mark! as the show was closing, I walked right by an end cap table and noticed some really cook stippled art prints of women. I flipped through Erik K Siano's portfolio noticing a great print that reminded me of Natalie Portman in Leon, and bought the thing. Looking at the rest of the table I then saw the "Protect Your Eyes" print and explained to Siano and Sharp how I'd been looking for this table for over an hour.

For the Next Show

My advice to you: Save your money. Be prepared. If you have your own comics, bring them to sell or trade. Many self-publishing exhibitors are "trade friendly," sometimes indicated by a button with a big "T" on it. Go both days. It will be worth it. Whether you're a fan or a creator trying to break in or promote yourself, this is a great avenue into the indie world work of comics and related arts.

This is a 16 October 2008 retroactive revision of my original post on the ArmzRace blog.