29 December 2011

Roadside Americana as the Hardtravelinghero is Reborn

Driving south I-81 we happened across Johnny Appleseed's Restaurant in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia when we stopped to get gas and pee.

Pressing the button near Johnny provides visitors with a brief history of the mythological Appleseed and a sampling of the restaurant's menu. It was very Wally World but luckily Johnny didn't tell me the restaurant was closed two weeks for repairs otherwise I'd have punched him in the fucking nose and gone in and cooked myself breakfast anyhow.

I'd already had steak for breakfast so all I ordered were eggs, over easy, which are hard to fuck up and tasted as they should. Straying a bit from my paleo diet I took a bite of one of their apple fritters, basically doughnut holes (even though a "hole" is something intangible) that tasted more like doughnut than apple.

The service was fair-to-middlin' as I asked for a large OJ, not a small. I figured it'd be better to have less liquid in my body anyhow, what with Charlotte being hours away yet.