31 July 2006

Salty Summer in the City - Sunday 2006 July 30

Lego Empire State Building - Times Square ToysRus.

Lego Statue of Liberty - Times Square ToysRus.

Tyrel in front of the Lego Chrysler Building in Times Square.

Me, next to the Lego Chrysler Building.

At least he's honest. Maybe he should run for office.

Central Park.

Tyrel at Belvedere Castle (Wildlife Obervatory) in Central Park.

Cleopatra's Needle in Central Park. An authentic Egyptian obelisk that was transported to America in the 1880s.

Tyrel and the needle.

Tyrel in front of the NYC Public Library.

View from atop the Empire State Building. I believe that is the Jersey side.

Southern tip of Manhattan (the Village, Wall Street, etc.).

The Queens side?

The West Side, in the distance, New Jersey and the Palisades.

The tower atop the Empire State Building. It still smells like Kong up there.

Horus from Enki Bilal's film, Immortal.

The Chrysler Building, which was erected concurrently with the Empire State Building and at the time, was a close second to being the World's Tallest Building. In the distance, Queens to the immediate right and to the north (far background to the left) the Bronx.

Rat poison sign in the subway.

Subway riders always look down the tunnel expectantly, as if that will make the train come any sooner.

Picture taken from the South Street Sea Port (Pier 17).

In the distance, New Jersey.

Southern Manhattan as the sun sets, from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Looking to the north.
The Empire State Buildng in the Distance.

The Watchtower and the rest of Brooklyn near the bridge landing.
Just below, hundreds of cars per minute rumble the bridge.

The Manhattan Bridge's connection to the island that gives the bridge its name.

Over 100 years of history, this bridge to another world.

Brooklyn Bridge Park down yonder.

The sun sets on New York City. Folks rest as the day cools into evening.
Taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

A couple enjoy the view from the edge.

Sol ceases its relentless deluge of heat and light on the city that never sleeps.

The Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan from atop one of the Watchtower buildings.

Looking south over Brooklyn to the Verazarro Narrows Bridge and past that, Staten Island and the Jersey Shore.

Liberty Island and the once proud lady that stands atop her.

Five years too late: What a view they must have from those buildings.

Cars and the subway use this connector to get back and forth between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Swings from webs like a spider can ...

The crescent in the sky.

Seven-thirty and still eighty-six degrees.

A view of Brooklyn.

Seven-thirty and still thirty degrees.

The city illuminates as twilight lays its blanket on New York.

Activity hardly ceases for the city's circulatory system.