31 August 2005

Can't sit around much longer - Tuesday, August 30, 2005

As Erica is busy with school and no one around here wants to do much of anything, I'm feeling edgy. I've traveled halfway around the world, and I don't aim to sit on my ass. I've spent 24 years doing that. Got to get a move on. I wanted to see Fantastic Four today, but for some reason never made it. I went shopping at Target and barely ate today, because there's not real food here, just fast food and chain restaurants. I want a real diner. A deli. Something I'm used to.

I bought two new CDs. A cheap Johnny Cash best of and the latest Blink 182, because I had listened to an older album of theirs coming into Phoenix that first night. I also knew I liked the song "I Miss You." Luckily there were some other songs on there I like too.

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