13 August 2006

Be sure to wear flowers in your hair.


Welcome to San Francisco

Amazing architecture in San Fran

Water pours from openings in the structure.

A street car. - 2. A vehicle adapted to the rails of a railroad. [U. S.] Note: In England a railroad passenger car is called a railway carriage; a freight car a goods wagon; a platform car a goods truck; a baggage car a van. But styles of car introduced into England from America are called cars; as, tram car. Pullman car. See Train. (Dictionary.com)

The Bay Bridge that would carry Tyrel and I from San Fransisco via I-80 the next morning.

Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill.

The Transamerica Building. We walked by its base that evening and met a crackhead dancing in the street, happy that she had some money to score a rock. I was worried at first, as she was hunched over, secreting something in her hands, excitedly asking if we wanted to see what she had, fortunately it was only some green bills and not a weapon or small body part.

I couldn't agree more.

San Fransisco, taken from the Tiburon Ferry

The golden gate locked in a perpetual mist.

Kayakers paddling in the waters.


We visited San Fransisco's smut district, I mean historical district.

Big Al won't take "no" for an answer.

There were lots of great neon signs. I'm glad we went to San Fran.

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