09 January 2007

Snow days

On a cold January day in the mountains and forests...two adventurers make their way to Martann's for a Mexican breakfast that would shake the world at its foundations. Beyond the Misty Mountaintop of the San Francisco Peaks and through a freshly fallen shroud of snow...

The NAU campus lay before them...
On the far side lay their destination.

Mount Elden sat in the distance, vigilant, watching over travelers from distant parts.

Valerie Robin still gives a thumbs up to a warm cup of watery coffee, the opposite of the life giving scalding cafe she expected.

A man with an ax bars our path was we return to some warm apartment somewhere.

From Valerie's head sprout dozens of snakes and with an ice cold gaze she turns the man to stone.

We return home safely.

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Anonymous said...

your photos are the most out standing ones i have seen in many years. you should have them published.