25 June 2007

The Village - New York City

Taking a lunch break from the MoCCA Art Fest, we went to eat some vegan Italian.
Let's just say I'd prefer to stick to traditional Italian, with all its rich goodness.

Two fuzzy-haired fiends drinking overpriced Italian water (no typo).
One must specify "tap" when ordering water all around.

Because one should always be very aware of the animal they're about to consume.
Especially if it comes wrapped in its own intestines.

Drink overpriced Italian water. It's good for your soul, but not your wallet.

Italian demons trapped in colored bottles dangle and clank over the entry.


Everything is for sale in New York City.
You just gotta find the right neighborhood sometimes.

Unfortunately hos ain't welcome in this neighborhood.

Anything is possible over the bridge into New York.
Even time can be landscaped here.

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