22 September 2005

Blogtime in Longmont - Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm in Longmont, CO, listening to The Who's "Teenag. . . ." I mean, "Baba O'Riley." I wish I had thought to do this blog sooner. It would have been a great thing for those who would want to follow me along my journey into alcoholism. I think I've done more drinking on this trip than I have in all time preceding. I await the song titled Squeeze Box. Somehow I don't think it's about a musical instrument, but an equally moving instrument of a different kind. You just got to play it right.

Where did I get the title for my blogsite thingy, you ask? It's the title given to a bunch of Green Lantern/Green Arrow stories from the 1970's. At the time the stories were very different from the usual comic fare. If my memory serves me correctly, the two DC characters traveled the country together, fighting crime of course, and I believe taking on issues such as racism and other topics, then and sometimes still, considered taboo. Of course, it would help if I read those stories, but I will soon. They might even be out in the car.

I'm going to quit this for the immediate future, as it took me a while to get this far with the blog and setting it up. Hopefully Chris will be home soon and we can go get something to eat. I ate Sbarro's Pizza last night after the movies (40 Year Old Virgin, which was likened to myself, except for the virgin part, and Wes Craven's Red Eye). That is considered good pizza out here. I can't wait to eat some New York Pizza. Soon enough. ...Soon enough. Perhaps later today I will get one of my posts up here.

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