24 September 2005

Let's get this show on the road.

I plan on getting on the road tomorrow morning at around six am. Sans stops and work zones, the trip should take about twenty-eight hours via I-80. When I get to Mifflinville, Pennsylvania, I'll have traveled almost all of the continent spanning roadway. However I decide to break up the time is how long it will take me. Mr. Owl, how many days will it take Paul to get home? Let's find out. . . 1, 2, 3, CRUNCH! The world will never know. Not until I get home anyway. It'll be like a big surprise. Big, because I put on about twenty-eight pounds. Not really. That would be kind of funny just to shock everyone.

Anyway, it's almost midnight, and I'd love to get at least six hours sleep before heading out through the cornfields of Nebraska. I wish the midwest was still forested, as I believe it was over 200 years ago, before the days of Ira Hayes. Trees are much more pretty than the nothingness of endless maize. I should leave at four, just do I don't have to look at corn.

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