17 July 2007

Beantown: The Best Place to Get Crabs! - Incomeplete Entry

The approach to New London, Connecticut is heralded by this lighthouse.

Entering Boston:

The Hood Milk Bottle

Pop-Eye's Dad to be sure.

Indeed, reading is sexy.

The South Street Diner:

Every major coastal city seems to have a Chinatown.

Serious about his interstate system.
Especially I-90.

Trade-friendly at a comix and zine show?
Nope. The Boston underground transport system.


The Artful Blogger said...

serious about the interstate system....is that why you always get mad when I don't know what road we're on? hehe....

~giggles mcgee

Laura-Marie said...

I like the sign pictures the best. And pictures of newspaper boxes.