17 July 2007

SEE Science Center: The LEGO Millyard Project - New Hampshire - Entry Under Construction

Welcome to Manchester, New Hampshire.

A few things about New Hampshire. Well, at least one thing:
If you're over the age of 18, you need not wear your seat belt.
The State Motto:
Live Free or Die


SEE Science Center

Located in an unassuming brick building is the SEE Science Center, the building, a former textile factory.

The Lego Millyard Project

This has got to be one of the most amazing Lego creations I have ever seen.

Though Danish in origin, the Lego people just love America.

Watch your hands.

The market and beyond, a game of All-American baseball.

The pay-off in a dark alley.

High class shopping.

"Workers riot over factory conditions--Read all about it!"

"Get back here with my corn, you bum!"

Some labor history.

If only I had one this size when I was a kid...well, when I was younger.


Dan said...

The lego town is a hetero-normative nightmare -- but appropriate for the The Beaver.

Laura-Marie said...